NYC vaccine mandate for teachers temporarily halted by appeals court

News 09/25/21, 20:19

A federal appeals court issued a temporary restraining order that stops New York City from enforcing its vaccine mandate on teachers on Friday, Sept. 24.  The injunction is in place while the case is directed to a three-judge panel to review, according to The New York Times.  The restraining order was granted ...

Brazil president has to eat pizza on NYC sidewalk due to vaccine mandate

New York 09/22/21, 18:04

Foreign delegates to an intergovernmental organization were forced to eat on a New York City street due to their vaccination status on Sept. 21. A photo went viral on the internet, showing Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro and company eating pizza slices and drinking Coca-Cola on a busy sidewalk. The United Nations General ...

NYPD pays unvaccinated police officers to get COVID-19 tests

News 09/12/21, 00:30

The New York Police Department has decided to pay unvaccinated law enforcement members to encourage them to undergo weekly coronavirus tests. The New York Post reported Saturday, Sept. 11, "aside from employing some financial aid, several members can be pulled off their patrol duty to help others performing the tests. The ...

New York’s mayor calls for legalization of prostitution

New York 03/18/21, 15:22

Bill De Blasio, the mayor of New York City called on the governor to decriminalize prostitution after the Senate in February struck down a law that criminalized prostitutes for loitering looking for clients. "It's time to decriminalize sex workers and focus our enforcement on those who exploit and profit off a ...

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