Poll: America went ‘downhill’ and continues to be ‘divided’

U.S. 01/23/22, 23:15

A recent study revealed many voters are unhappy with divisions and the overall state of the nation. The latest NBC News poll found 72% of respondents believe America is headed in the wrong direction, representing a 1% increase since the last survey in October 2021. This is the sixth time at least 70% ...

NBC News moderator Savannah Gurthrie slammed by peers for her ’embarrassing’ on-air fight with President Trump

2022 Campaign 10/16/20, 02:47

A network television presenter was so disruptive during her interview with the president that industry peers swiftly condemned her unprofessional conduct. NBC town hall moderator Savannah Guthrie interrupted President Donald Trump so often that her fellow media professionals began to seriously question her editorial integrity. The Australian-born presenter interviewed the incumbent president ...

NBC presenter censor President Trump’s words

U.S. 10/16/19, 10:56

NBC host Chuck Todd openly stated that he would not reproduce the words that U.S. President Donald Trump spoke during a campaign rally in Minnesota Oct. 10. The presenter was supposed to report on the rally, but said he would not allow the audience to hear the president's words about Joe ...

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