More nationalization is coming to China’s property industry

China 12/06/21, 19:07

China's private homebuilders may find it challenging to maintain their anonymity for much longer. Evergrande, the country's most indebted developer, has acknowledged the possibility of a legal default. However, officials are under pressure to keep the sector from imploding without bending their hard line on debt levels, with $10 billion in ...

Ukraine reverses nationalization of tycoon’s bank

Europe 04/18/19, 09:59

A Ukrainian court on Thursday ruled that the 2016 nationalization of a major bank owned by a tycoon was illegal, sending shockwaves through the country's financial community.Privatbank, Ukraine's biggest lender, was nationalized in 2016 after authorities discovered a capital shortfall of more than $5 billion. The bank was owned by ...

Ukraine: President claims tycoon backed rivals for revenge

Europe 03/28/19, 15:07

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says his two top election rivals are backed by a self-exiled tycoon who wants revenge for the nationalization of his bank.Poroshenko said at a rally in the city of Lviv on Thursday that billionaire businessman Ihor Kolomoyskyi is trying to unseat him by supporting comedian Volodymyr ...

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