No-fly list person from Afghanistan made it to UK via rescue flight

Middle East 08/25/21, 01:01

One passenger was evacuated from Afghanistan even though he was banned from traveling to his destination on Aug. 24. Bureaucrats are investigating exactly how a no-fly listed man, fleeing the Taliban, was allowed to board an evacuation flight and become a British security risk. "An individual was flagged to the Home Office ...

Black Lives Matter is ‘worse’ than CCP Virus and ‘out of sync’ with word of God says Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr.

Trending 04/28/21, 01:32

Anti-police protester violence has reached greater epidemic levels than the deadly disease itself, a religious leader warned. Earl Walker Jackson Sr. declared Black Lives Matter as a "cultural, spiritual, and psychological" virus with far worse consequences than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus. "Black Lives Matter is worse than COVID (CCP Virus)," ...

Five Chinese firms added to list of companies that threaten U.S. national security

China 03/13/21, 16:05

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday, March 12, designated five Chinese companies as national security threats under a 2019 law pushed by former President Trump aimed at protecting U.S. communications networks. The legislation relied upon by the FCC requires the agency to identify companies that produce telecommunications equipment and services ...

Congress investigates Chinese Communist Party spying using drones in the US

China 08/12/20, 10:45

The U.S. intelligence community believes that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) receives and uses information about the country's people and internal infrastructure. This information is collected and sent by drones that travel around the country. In response to this national security risk, Republican lawmakers in Congress asked Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, ...

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