GOP Sen. Rand Paul demands probe into NSA allegedly spying on Tucker Carlson

U.S. 07/13/21, 19:25

A Republican senator from Kentucky has joined calls for an investigation into the National Security Agency (NSA) alleged monitoring of Tucker Carlson. Sen. Rand Paul sent an open letter to the NSA Director Gen. Paul Nakasone to request an investigation into the agency's alleged spying and unmasking of the Fox News ...

Is NSA spying on Tucker?: Not so satisfying answer from the government

U.S. 07/01/21, 00:49

The White House on Tuesday, June 29 declined to respond to Fox New host Tucker Carlson’s allegation that the National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on his communications to dig up a chance to shut down top-rated show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” A day earlier, Carlson fed his viewers with appalling news ...

Black Lives Matter is ‘worse’ than CCP Virus and ‘out of sync’ with word of God says Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr.

Trending 04/28/21, 01:32

Anti-police protester violence has reached greater epidemic levels than the deadly disease itself, a religious leader warned. Earl Walker Jackson Sr. declared Black Lives Matter as a "cultural, spiritual, and psychological" virus with far worse consequences than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus. "Black Lives Matter is worse than COVID (CCP Virus)," ...

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