Transgender Olympians should not compete against biological females because it is ‘unfair’ says NFL’s Brett Favre

Football 06/27/21, 21:55

Male athletes who had gender reassignment surgery have an unfair advantage over their competitors who were born female, a former National Football League star said. Retired Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre strongly criticized transgender athletes for having an "unfair" advantage over biological women. Favre believes weightlifter Laurel Hubbard and other biological ...

Conservative author Candace Owens blames ‘racist, anti-police and Black Lives Matter lie’ for gunfire against LA deputies

California 09/14/20, 04:17

High-profile supporters of anti-police protests are responsible for an ambush-style shooting involving two Los Angeles law enforcement officers, a political commentator said. Conservative author Candace Owens blames extreme anarchist protesters, mainstream news outlets, and celebrities for encouraging Californians to open fire on two sheriff deputies in Compton, 17 miles south of ...

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