Want to cause trouble for Xi? Over 200,000 people go to Tiananmen Square

China 10/03/22, 14:24

October 1 was Chinese National Day. Early that morning, more than 200,000 people flocked to Tiananmen Square to watch the "flag raising ceremony." According to Sound Of Hope, netizens mocked: Doing this before the 20th National Congress, to create some kind of pandemic outbreak, is this not causing more trouble ...

Beijing ‘scolded’ for order not to lock people in

Social problem 10/02/22, 14:50

A CCP official said on September 29 that, in pandemic prevention, when applying quarantine measures, the outer doors of resident buildings cannot be locked. However, soon after this announcement, the Chinese people criticized the regime for only thinking of this now, three years after the start of the pandemic. Due ...

Violence ensues in Hong Kong as China’s National Day nears

Politics 09/29/19, 13:19

The battle for democracy continued as Hong Kongers braced themselves against the police’s firing of rubber bullets, tear gas, and blasted water cannons on Sunday, Sept. 29, being one of the most widespread and violent clashes in over three months of political turmoil. Protests were ignited by a planned legislation that ...

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