Catalan separatists threaten to nix Spanish gov’t budget

Europe 01/11/19, 03:31

Catalonia's separatist leader says the Spanish government's bid to pass a national budget is doomed unless the wealthy northeastern region is allowed to hold a referendum on secession from the rest of the country.The passing of a budget would boost ...

Italian Senate OKs budget, tweaked to satisfy EU concerns

Europe 12/23/18, 07:57

After a raucous session, the Italian Senate has approved a national budget law that was tweaked in a bid to satisfy European Union concerns.Much of the Italian government's planned spending in 2019, which won passage in Parliament's upper chamber about ...

EU warns Italy over budget, signals possible legal action

Europe 11/21/18, 07:21

The European Commission warned Italy on Wednesday that its budget plans are in serious breach of the rules underpinning the euro single currency and that the country could face legal action.The European Union's executive arm, which supervises national budget plans, ...

Catalan leader issues ultimatum over independence vote

Europe 10/02/18, 12:17

Catalan regional president Quim Torra has issued an ultimatum to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.Torra says he could deny Sanchez the votes he needs to approve the national budget unless the government proposes by next month an independence referendum in ...

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