Abdul-Jabbar: NBA star’s vaccine warning makes athletes look like ‘dumb jocks’

News 01/25/22, 14:58

A sporting legend questioned a fellow athlete for expressing concern about the number of competitors who died from vaccination. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar opposed National Basketball Association Hall of Fame listed John Stockton's warnings about 150 athletes who died after being immunized against coronavirus (COVID-19). He accused Stockton of making the general public think ...

NBA legend defends Rittenhouse, accuses critics of racism and profiteering

Basketball 11/24/21, 17:13

A former sporting celebrity believes an acquitted Kenosha shooter did nothing wrong. Kwame Brown believes accused gunman Kyle Rittenhouse only opened fire in self-defense. The former Philadelphia 76ers star accused black elites and white progressives of exploiting the young man's actions for political and financial gain. "[Progressives think,] 'We want to make ...

Utah’s Gail Miller selected to receive congressional award

Basketball 05/18/19, 12:11

Utah Jazz owner and philanthropist Gail Miller was running between meetings when she heard the news from Washington D.C.A colleague had told her she would be receiving a congressional award honoring her work with young people.Miller thought the idea was far-fetched. "I didn't even know much about the award, I ...

Coogi: Rapper-inspired basketball shirt looks like ours

Sports 03/01/19, 12:22

The clothing brand Coogi has launched a full-court press against the Brooklyn Nets over a Notorious B.I.G.-inspired jersey. The New York Times says a special version of the team's jersey is at the center of a copyright lawsuit against the Nets, the National Basketball Association and Nike.Coogi is heavily associated with ...

J. Cole and Meek Mill to headline NBA All-Star Game

Basketball 01/30/19, 08:53

Rapper J. Cole will headline the halftime show at the NBA All-Star Game.The seven-time Grammy Award nominee will return to his home state to perform a medley of hits at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Feb. 17. He released his latest single, "Middle Child," on Jan. 23.The ...

US leagues cashing in on sports betting they once fought

Sports 11/28/18, 11:00

Professional sports leagues, which once vehemently fought the prospect of legal sports betting, are now scrambling to get in on it.In a pact announced Wednesday morning, the National Basketball Association is partnering with Sportradar and Genius Sports to distribute NBA betting data to sports betting providers in the U.S.It came ...

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