Republicans introduce bill to legalize marijuana at a federal level

U.S. 11/16/21, 15:50

Federal GOP representatives want to decriminalize and tax cannabis at a national level on Nov. 15. At least six Republicans, including Rep. Nancy Mace (S.C.) sponsored the States Reform Act to remove federal restrictions on the controversial plant. Mace revealed the decision will not compel states to remove their own regulations to ...

Antifa members vandalize South Carolina Republican congresswoman’s home

U.S. 06/01/21, 18:40

The home of Nancy Mace, a Republican representative from Charleston, South Carolina, was vandalized on Memorial Day with Antifa symbols written on the walls, insults, and violent messages urging her to pass pro-union legislation. Far-left terrorists also destroyed several parks in the area. Multiple anarchist symbols with the circle 'A' and ...

New GOP reps establish ‘freedom squad’ to counter AOC’s left-wing ‘squad’

U.S. 11/24/20, 02:37

Two newly elected Republicans from Florida are forming a special team to fight radical socialist Democrats in Washington. Rep. Carlos Gimenez, former mayor of Miami-Dade, and Rep. Victoria Spartz from Indiana are establishing a Freedom Squad to counter the left-leaning politics of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and the rest of her ...

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