Country star RaeLynn celebrates beauty of life in new album

U.S. 10/03/21, 23:13

An award-winning country singer dedicated two songs to motherhood, and the compositions drew fierce backlash from abortion advocates. RaeLynn's newly released tracks in her "Baytown" album recently stirred up controversy among pro-choice supporters. "She chose me" tells the story of a Bible belt-loving believer who became pregnant from an pre-marital affair ...

Traditional country singer, Alan Jackson reveals incurable neurological disease

U.S. 09/29/21, 18:35

For the greater part of a decade, 62-year-old country artist Alan Jackson has been battling a "no cure" degenerative neurological ailment called Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome. Jackson shared about his long-term illness on the "Today Show." The singer was diagnosed with a hereditary illness around a decade ago. The syndrome is known to ...

Church worship a capella group flash mobs fills Chick-fil-A with gospel music

U.S. 11/15/19, 06:09

The cappella group from Acapella Ministries Worship Leader Institute flash mob's a stirring rendition of a gospel song that brought joy to patrons and workers at a Chick-fil-A in Nashville, Tennessee. Dozens of members descended on the restaurant dining room and broke out in the Bill Withers's “Lean on Me” hit ...

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