Increasingly harsh! Protesting against the pandemic will become a crime

Trending 11/26/22, 13:41

The Chinese government has enforced the "zero-COVID" policy for the past three years, but the pandemic is increasing. In Beijing, since November 23, the number of COVID-19 cases per day has exceeded 30,000 and a new death has been reported. Guangzhou has become the most affected area of ​​this pandemic ...

Upheaval in China: Resident waves knife protesting lockdown order

Trending 11/21/22, 14:12

After the Chinese Communist Party introduced the so-called 20 measures to optimize pandemic restrictions, large-scale control in various places was maintained. The measures required nucleic acid testing, inhuman lockdown, and construction of quarantine huts, under the pretext of preventing the pandemic. It all caused public protests. Some videos (0:36 and 0:55) ...

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