Isle Royale moose population surges during wolf decline

U.S. 04/30/19, 10:00

Moose are thriving at Isle Royale National Park, but the trees on which they feast are paying a heavy price, scientists reported Tuesday.An estimated 2,060 of the lumbering beasts roam the island wilderness, according to a report by Michigan Technological ...

Hungry wolves may get new home at Isle Royale National Park

U.S. 03/21/19, 18:26

A U.S.-Canadian team prepared Thursday for another mission to relocate gray wolves to Isle Royale National Park in Michigan from a second Lake Superior island, where the predators are in danger of starvation after gobbling up a caribou herd.The targeted ...

Moose wanders into Alaska hospital building

Amazing 01/08/19, 04:50

A moose wandered into a hospital building in Alaska's largest city Monday — and Stephanie Hupton was ready to capture the visit with her phone camera.Hupton works in billing at a physical therapy office inside a building attached to Alaska ...

Justices sound favorable to Alaska hunter with hovercraft

U.S. 11/05/18, 13:39

The Supreme Court sounds skeptical of the National Park Service's authority to prevent an Alaskan moose hunter from using his motorized rubber boat to access remote areas of the state. The justices heard arguments Monday in a case that tests the ...

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