5 dead, many more missing in eruption of New Zealand volcano

World 12/08/19, 23:26

A volcanic island in New Zealand erupted Monday in a tower of ash and steam while dozens of tourists were exploring the moon-like surface, killing five people and leaving many more missing. Police said the site was still too dangerous hours later for rescuers to search for the missing. Police Deputy Commissioner ...

US Senators consider challenges in NASA’s Artemis program

Space 07/18/19, 12:46

U.S. senators gathered on Wednesday, July 17, in Washington to consider obstacles, as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Chief Jim Bridenstine spelled out some of the challenges facing its Artemis moon program. Bridenstine started by mentioning NASA’s achievements. "We want to continue doing these stunning achievements and go further ...

In photos: Apollo 11 at 50, celebrating first steps on another world

U.S. 07/18/19, 06:25

A half-century ago, men from planet Earth stepped onto another world for the first time, uniting people around the globe in a way not seen before or since. Hundreds of millions tuned in to radios or watched the grainy black-and-white images on TV as Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ...

Moon rock hunter searching for states’ final missing stones

Space 09/12/18, 03:15

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A strange thing happened after Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew returned from the moon with lunar rocks: Many of the mementos given to every U.S. state vanished. Now, after years of sleuthing, a former NASA investigator is closing in on his goal of locating ...

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