3 national monuments cut by Trump will be restored says President Biden

U.S. 10/08/21, 17:56

President Joe Biden will restore two significant national monuments in Utah that have been at the focus of a long-running public lands controversy and a separate marine conservation area in New England that has recently been exploited for commercial fishing, according to persons briefed on the plan. Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, ...

The left trashes tradition: Historic Lincoln statue removed in Boston

U.S. 12/31/20, 18:57

Boston Democratic authorities decided to remove a historic statue of former President Abraham Lincoln setting free a slave. A public art commission decided to remove the monument, heeding a group of left-leaning history revisionists who nonsensically argue that the image may "obscure the role of African Americans in shaping the ...

Poll: Majority of Democrats want government to allow violent protests to continue

U.S. 07/10/20, 12:15

While most Americans want the government to stop violent protests and criminally prosecute historic statue vandals, the majority of Democratic voters do not want the Trump administration to halt those demonstrations, according to a new poll released on Thursday, July 9. The latest Rasmussen survey finds that 56% of “Likely U.S. ...

High court’s cross case could affect monuments nationally

U.S. 02/27/19, 10:15

A 40-foot-tall, concrete cross on public land in a Maryland suburb of Washington is at the center of a case before the Supreme Court. But similar monuments elsewhere in the country could be affected by the high court ruling, states have told the justices. The District of Columbia-based American Humanist Association, ...

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