US doctor who survived Ebola honored for service in Liberia

World 01/31/19, 08:14

Almost five years have passed since he nearly died of Ebola in Liberia, but Richard Sacra has never wavered from his commitment to the struggling West African nation.The 56-year-old family doctor from Massachusetts was among a handful of Americans treated and cured of Ebola during West Africa's deadly epidemic in ...

Liberia’s footballer president Weah marks year in office

World 01/22/19, 09:59

Star footballer-turned-politician George Weah marks a year as Liberia's president on Tuesday as many in the impoverished country debate whether he has begun to deliver on dramatic campaign promises.FIFA's 1995 player of the year in his inaugural speech vowed to give the West African nation's young population hope through job ...

Peacekeepers left more than 6,000 children in Liberia

World 11/21/18, 05:33

The only memento Moses Z. Kaine has from his father is a T-shirt, left more than two decades ago when the peacekeeper's tour of duty finished and he returned home, leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind."I was still in my mother's womb when my father ended his duties and left Liberia," ...

Liberia investigates US-backed charity after alleged rapes

World 10/16/18, 01:36

Liberia's government on Tuesday announced is investigating a charity founded by a young American woman after allegations that a local staffer raped several girls in its care.A rape case has been re-opened in order to determine new evidence, the information ministry said, adding that the government is "greatly concerned."Liberians have ...

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