Hospitals stop prioritizing COVID-19 treatment based on race

News 01/18/22, 02:44

A Missouri religious not-for-profit healthcare network will cease treating coronavirus (COVID-19) patients from a different race preferentially. St Louis-headquartered SSM Health will stop prioritizing non-white COVID-19 individuals who present at any of its 23 locations across the Midwest region. "Early versions of risk calculators across the nation appropriately included race and gender ...

Joe Rogan tests negative for COVID after taking antibodies, Ivermectin, Z-pak

News 09/06/21, 00:59

A podcast host and Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator quickly recovered from the deadly disease after being administered a medicinal cocktail on Sept. 3. Joe Rogan confirmed he tested negative for the Chinese Communist Party virus (COVID-19) after taking monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, Zithromax and more. "Tested negative today, thanks for all the kind wishes!" ...

Fauci joins GOP Gov. DeSantis in supporting COVID monoclonal antibody treatment

News 08/29/21, 16:05

Joe Biden's chief medical adviser recommended antibody treatments to help patients recover from the deadly disease. The announcement came after a Republican from Florida was widely criticized for doing the same. Anthony Fauci joined Gov. Ron DeSantis in advocating monoclonal antibody treatments for those infected with coronavirus (COVID-19). Fauci confirmed the ...

Texas Gov. Abbott tests negative to COVID-19 after speedy recovery

Texas 08/22/21, 16:55

A Republican from Texas does not seem to be suffering from the deadly disease anymore, a medical examination found. Gov. Greg Abbott tested negative to COVID-19 on Aug. 21. The result came four days after being diagnosed with the breakthrough infection. "I am now testing negative for COVID," he said on Twitter. Abbott ...

Florida will administer monoclonal antibody treatments to COVID patients

News 08/17/21, 17:02

Ron DeSantis will allow monoclonal antibodies to be administered as an early treatment for the deadly disease in central Florida, on Aug. 16. The Florida governor confirmed a rapid response unit is already delivering monoclonal antibody treatments to Camping World Stadium, 2 miles west of downtown Orlando. The therapy will be ...

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