Media coverage ignores Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense claim in court

U.S. 11/10/21, 17:01

News outlets seemingly omitted an important development in a Wisconsin shooting trial on Nov. 8. Hardly any mainstream media reported that Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly opened fire because he was acting in self-defense. The 17 year-old confirmed he only pointed his rifle at Gaige Grosskreutz because he feared for his life ...

Textile firm boycotts Facebook advertising due to low moral values

California 11/01/21, 16:56

A Californian outdoor clothing company canceled all paid advertising on one social media platform for putting "profits over people." Ventura-headquartered Patagonia boycotted all paid Facebook ads because the internet company allegedly spreads "hate speech" and "misinformation" about U.S. democracy and climate change theory. "Internal Facebook documents released over the last few weeks ...

Candace Owens defends rapper Nicki Minaj after criticized for questioning vaccine

Opinion 09/16/21, 19:45

A conservative political commentator threw her support behind a rapper who the White House publicly criticized for vaccine hesitancy. Candace Owens defended Nicki Minaj, after presidential chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci strongly rebuked the celebrity for questioning the experimental Chinese Communist Party virus inoculation. Owens believes the left side of politics and ...

YouTube removes GOP Sen. Paul’s second COVID video, bans him for a week

News 08/12/21, 19:11

A Silicon Valley company banned a Republican from Kentucky for a week, because he questioned how effectively face masks prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) on Aug. 10. YouTube removed Sen. Rand Paul's video and temporarily blocked him from uploading new content. "They are now banning all my speech, including speech that is given on ...

Facebook has launched a new tool to bring 50 million people closer to getting CCP Virus vaccines

U.S. 03/16/21, 12:35

During the pandemic, politicians and privacy advocates slammed Facebook for a barrage of false statements and conspiracies about vaccinations on its platforms. Facebook Inc. is facing criticism for enabling vaccine misinformation to propagate on its digital platforms, while other technology companies have stepped in to help with vaccine dissemination and administration. But in ...

Broken machines to threats of violence among voting problems

U.S. 11/06/18, 22:11

Voting machine glitches, long lines and misinformation were among the problems that voters faced at the polls on Tuesday. The cause of the problems ran the gamut from human error to threatened violence to technological errors to Mother Nature as storms pummeled several states in the South. The issues added more chaos ...

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