After 19 miscarriages woman finally gives birth to baby weighing 14 pounds

Inspired Stories 10/31/21, 17:12

Cary and Tim Patonai experienced more than a dozen setbacks on their journey to parenthood. The Arizona couple eventually received their latest bundle of joy when Cary gave birth to a healthy, 14-pound baby boy, Finnley on Oct. 4. Arizona Woman Delivers 14-Pound Baby After 19 Miscarriages— BallerAlert (@balleralert) ...

Teen miraculously lives after 10-inch knife lodged into face

U.S. 06/21/19, 07:35

This teen is extremely lucky to be alive after his face was impaled by a 10-inch knife when he fell playing outside. Jimmy Russell said when she heard him shout, her son, Eli Gregg, was playing outside their house in Redfield on Thursday night. She discovered him jutting from just below ...

Man thought nearly brain-dead recovers and leaves hospital

U.S. 01/04/19, 12:19

A man whose children had decided to remove his breathing tubes has recovered and left an Omaha hospital after weeks of therapy.Now his family members call T. Scott Marr — once nearly brain-dead — the "miracle man."Marr originally was diagnosed with a stroke on Dec. 12 after he was found ...

A Thanksgiving Miracle

Culture 11/22/18, 06:30

Ada was getting for bed, she held her dear bear by her side and together they looked up at the cut-out stars stuck on her bedroom ceiling, when a car drove by outside its light would shine on the stars and they would give a little twinkle, “dad, will you ...

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