Gov. Whitmer (D-Mich.) called President Trump a ‘white supremacist’ even after the FBI saved her from kidnap plot

U.S. 10/09/20, 01:56

A Democrat, who federal law enforcement agents protected from abduction, decided to thank the president by calling him a racist. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently stopped six individuals from kidnapping Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. However, instead of expressing gratitude, the governor declared the Oval Office considers white people superior ...

Virginia County expresses disagreement with Democratic legislators over gun control

U.S. 12/18/19, 16:51

Democratic legislators in Virginia insist on passing a draconian gun control bill (SB64), which would ban most firearms, leaving the public unarmed and without the protection provided by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. However, Tazewell, Virginia County, is showing its resistance to this proposal. Tazewell has formed an official active ...

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