Chinese and Russian warships entered US waters

Japan 09/30/22, 13:29

Days ago, the media reported that on September 19, a formation of Chinese and Russian-flagged warships sailed into US territorial waters near Alaska, in the Bering Sea. A U.S. Navy patrol ship, a 400-foot cruiser named Kimball, discovered three Chinese naval vessels and four Russian naval vessels sailing 85 miles north ...

Chinese drones invade Taiwan skies: Another form of CCP intimidation

Tech 09/15/22, 18:57

The Chinese Communist Party's harassment of Taiwan takes many forms.  Over the past month, about 30 drones have entered Taiwanese airspace and flown over two small islands off Taiwan's southern coast. On September 12, the Taiwanese military announced that a suspected Chinese drone entered restricted waters around Cao Yu's Kinmen island. The ...

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