Samsung to set up $17 billion chip factory in Taylor, Texas

Texas 09/08/21, 01:55

The South Korean technology giant, Samsung, has chosen the city of Taylor, Texas, to install a huge electronic chip factory, and it will invest $17 billion.  The plant's location that will generate 1,800 jobs was debated among four other sites, but the extraordinary tax breaks offered along with its geography favored ...

Ominous Report: ‘Vaccine Passport’ devised 20 months before pandemic

News 04/28/21, 19:22

A revealing report details that the "vaccine passport" concept is not something new that emerged during the pandemic caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus but was in the works even 20 months before the pandemic began. Suppose the entire plan behind these "passports" is implemented. Every aspect and ...

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