Cellular modems of a Chinese company are found in Dominion machines

U.S. 12/07/20, 15:57

The combined action of several Twitter users discovered that the cellphone modems used in the voting machines of controversial Dominion Voting Systems are manufactured by a Chinese company. This fact is a "major national security issue" for renowned writer Joe Hoft, brother of the founder of The Gateway Pundit, as published ...

Second ‘dump’ of 134,800 votes for Joe Biden is further proof of election fraud says President Trump

2020 Campaign 11/20/20, 02:25

New evidence has surfaced showing further election irregularities that support the Trump administration's concerns about the national voting system's integrity. President Donald Trump has released more proof to substantiate his allegation the Democratic Party resorted to election fraud to steal the presidential election. Individual time-stamped entries from Michigan show the president had ...

Economic indicators soar on Election Day

2020 Campaign 11/03/20, 17:38

On the morning of Nov. 3—Election Day in the United States, economic indicators skyrocketed, giving very positive signals for a rising economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose more than 600 points, equivalent to a 2 percent gain, and the S&P 500 rose 2.2 percent. The NASDAQ high-tech compound rose by 2 ...

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