Nearly half a million users give Netflix a thumbs down for its woke content

U.S. 07/23/21, 02:16

Nearly half a million users are giving Netflix a thumbs down in the United States and Canada, dropping their subscriptions, disenchanted with the platform over its increasing "woke" content and left-wing politics, including new programming funded by the Obamas, according to Breitbart.  The exodus of subscribers was more pronounced in the ...

Obamas kickstart Netflix series to indoctrinate kids with leftist thinking

California 06/04/21, 00:02

A Californian "over-the-top" online streaming service will share video content that teaches minors left-wing political views. Greater San Jose-based Netflix confirmed it would broadcast the controversial "We the People" television series, co-produced by Barack and Michelle Obama. The former president and first lady claim their animations and music will educate children through ...

Michelle Obama accuses 71 million Americans of ‘supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division’ because they voted for President Trump

2022 Campaign 11/08/20, 23:07

A former resident of the White House showed poor sportsmanship after accusing everyone who voted for the incumbent president of being dishonest, hateful, chaotic, and divisive. Michelle Obama stunned Americans from all sides of politics after she demonized 71 million voters, who exercised their constitutional right to give President Donald Trump ...

President Trump replies to Michelle Obama’s scathing criticism, says he got the top job because of the corrupt Obama administration

2022 Campaign 08/18/20, 19:09

President Trump replied to Michelle Obama's scathing criticism on Tuesday, Aug. 18, after she delivered her remarks to the Democratic National Convention (DNC,) calling her speech "extremely divisive." Speaking to reporters at a White House ceremony to commemorate the passage of Women's Suffrage at the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, ...

Judge orders special prosecutor to examine Smollett probe

U.S. 06/21/19, 14:58

A judge decided to appoint a special prosecutor Friday to investigate the decision by Cook County prosecutors to dismiss all charges against actor Jussie Smollett, who was accused of lying to the police by claiming he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack in downtown Chicago in January. In ...

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