Clinton advisor warns Democrats are on track to suffer big loss in 2022

Opinion 09/13/21, 21:05

Democratic Party prospects look bleak for the 2022 midterm elections and could further worsen. This is the dire assessment of a political consultant who advised former President Bill Clinton. Douglas Schoen predicts House and Senate Democrats face a major defeat next time Americans cast their ballots. Schoen, who also advised Michael ...

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg admits he was disloyal to a number of political parties

2022 Campaign 09/02/20, 03:16

One of the wealthiest and short-lived Democratic presidential candidates acknowledged he has a problem committing to a set of political values. Michael Bloomberg admits he has struggled to find a political affiliation with which he is comfortable. "I have supported Democrats, Republicans, and Independents," he told the Democratic National Convention in a ...

Sanders to Bloomberg: Americans tired of billionaires buying elections

Politics 02/17/20, 08:09

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has hit his primary rival Michael Bloomberg for spending “hundreds of millions of dollars on TV ads" to "buy the presidency” as the former New York City mayor is gaining traction in the race. During a campaign in Carson City, Nevada, on Sunday, Feb. 16, Sanders ...

CBS, NBC ignore the 3 sexual harassment suits against Bloomberg’s company

U.S. 12/18/19, 06:50

Michael Bloomberg , a 2020 Democratic candidate was under fire after ABC News aired its investigation report on Monday, Dec. 16, on three sexual harassment lawsuits leveled against his Bloomberg L.P. company. The thing is CBS News and NBC News, with records of their sexual harassers Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, ...

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