Illegal aliens being deported long distances from US Mexican border

U.S. 12/23/19, 06:12

A joint agreement has been reached between ICE and the Mexican government to make illegal entry much more difficult should they choose to attempt it again. Mexican nationals are to be deported a long way from the U.S. Mexican border. ICE and the Mexican Ministry of the Interior announced on Thursday, Dec.19, ...

Mexican President fighting illegal immigration to US by lowering taxes

America 01/01/19, 11:36

Newly elected Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador intends to curb immigration into the United States by economically developing his country’s northern states. Loprez Obrador — who entered office in the beginning of December with a leftist agenda — on Monday decreed lower rates for income and value-added taxes in over 40 municipalities that ...

Mexico to bestow top honor on Trump son-in-law

Politics 11/27/18, 20:30

Jared Kushner, who also serves as a senior White House adviser, will be admitted to the Order of the Aztec Eagle because of 'his significant contributions' to a new North American trade pact agreed to in August, government said in a statement

Lavish wedding tests new Mexico government austerity pledge

World 10/05/18, 00:11

It was a lovely wedding, officiated by an archbishop, with designer dresses, palatial decorations and a huge convention-center reception. But for Mexico's austerity-minded president-elect, it was likely the last image in the world he wanted one of his closest advisers projecting, and it quickly drew criticism.The beaming newlyweds, Cesar Yanez ...

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