Biden increases port capacity to ease supply chain bottlenecks

California 10/13/21, 15:47

Failing to unload cargo ships in a timely manner is causing extensive supply chain problems across America. Joe Biden's administration hopes to alleviate backlogs through lifting port capacity. The White House will increase capacity at major California ports, and Walmart, FedEx, UPS plus other large goods carriers ahead of the busy ...

Cubans denounce communist regime, move closer to freedom

Central America 07/12/21, 18:19

Cuba witnessed the largest mass protest in recent history on July 11. DÍA HISTÓRICO 🇨🇺 | Cuba se levantó contra la dictadura castrista. #SOSCuba— Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) July 11, 2021 Los ciudadanos de Alquizar también salen a las calles a protestar. Es histórico lo que está ocurriendo en Cuba en ...

Experts warn of child ‘genocide’ in Venezuela

South America 07/13/19, 13:35

Infant mortality under Nicolás Maduro's regime in Venezuela has soared to the point that analysts are already talking about genocide.  Experts warn that the deterioration of medical and food supplies under Maduro's regime is causing conditions that were already eradicated and turning common diseases into deadly plagues, especially for the most ...

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