Media coverage ignores Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense claim in court

U.S. 11/10/21, 17:01

News outlets seemingly omitted an important development in a Wisconsin shooting trial on Nov. 8. Hardly any mainstream media reported that Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly opened fire because he was acting in self-defense. The 17 year-old confirmed he only pointed his rifle at Gaige Grosskreutz because he feared for his life ...

Twitter sued after losing legal immunity in India

Tech 06/23/21, 01:30

A Californian social media giant will be directly liable for content posted to its online platform in India. Indian authorities have stripped Twitter Inc. of its legal intermediary status, which prevented the San Francisco-headquartered company from being sued for hosting certain third-party text, images, and videos. Uttar Pradesh Police accuses the business ...

President Trump’s ‘biggest service to America’ was exposing liberal media says Reagan era political director Jeffrey Lord

2022 Campaign 01/01/21, 01:20

A former Reagan era adviser revealed the current president would go down in history for publicly unmasking media bias and its influence on politics. Political analyst, Jeffrey Lord believes President Donald Trump's most significant national achievements were not necessarily in domestic or foreign policy but rather his crusade to expose media ...

Media bias has been turned away by the readers

Culture 06/17/19, 21:03

Media bias has become a powerful tool in the power and propaganda war in the technological age. U.S. mainstream media’s effort in making up a completely different image of the incumbent president - Donald Trump - is an outstanding example. But while trying to convey negative information with the aim ...

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