Instagram Kids: Senators press Zuckerberg to prove the application is safe

U.S. 08/04/21, 17:28

Two senators, Richard Blumenthal and Marsha Blackburn sent a letter this Wednesday, August 4, 2021, asking the CEO of Facebook to share data from research conducted on the impact on children's mental health of the Instagram kids app the company is about to launch. "We write with concern about the growing ...

People of future will have microchips implanted in their ‘brains’ says World Economic Forum boss

Tech 07/20/21, 19:46

As internet corporations like Facebook experiment with "brain-reading" technology, Klaus Schwab predicts brain microchips are fast becoming a reality. The Great Reset leader and World Economic Forum executive chairman, predicts Big Tech firms will increasingly pursue implanted microchips and other "transhumanist" technologies. A recently uncovered 2016 video interview with Swiss broadcaster RTS ...

Redacted part of Mark Zuckerberg email to Fauci is being scrutinized

U.S. 06/04/21, 05:16

Among the handful of emails relating to the COVID-19 pandemic that Dr. Anthony Fauci exchanged with Mark Zuckerberg since last year was one from the Facebook CEO that contained several offers—with one mysteriously hidden part that appeared to be a controversial deal. The bulk of emails that contain more facts ...

Arizona governor signs legislation banning private funding for election

U.S. 04/12/21, 17:17

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, signed a bill prohibiting private financing for government election processes in the state. Both the Arizona Senate and House approved the bill along party lines, and the governor signed it into law on Friday, April 9. "With public confidence in our elections in peril, it's clear our ...

President Trump is ‘moving forward’ with setting up a new social media platform

U.S. 03/31/21, 23:26

Former President Trump will directly compete against the world's largest social media companies to bypass their alleged suppression of free speech. Donald Trump has decided to proceed with his earlier proposal to establish a new social networking platform after being permanently banned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Insiders, who know about ...

Zuckerberg loses $4 billion as Facebook shares tumble amid Trump-ban fallout

U.S. 01/12/21, 06:22

Mark Zuckerberg lost $3.95 billion in a single day on Monday, Jan. 11, as investors continued to flee from Facebook Inc. after it suspended President Donald Trump from its social network. Facebook shares ended Monday down 4 percent at $256.84, eliminating $31 billion from the social media company’s market value. The selloff ...

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