Trump: Congress should examine why so many ‘warriors died’ in ‘disastrous’ Afghan withdrawal

Middle East 09/29/21, 16:58

Congress should thoroughly investigate what really happened during the Biden administration's "disastrous" military withdrawal from Afghanistan, a former president said on Sept. 28. Donald Trump wants lawmakers to find out exactly how 13 U.S. troops died and taxpayer-funded military equipment was abandoned while evacuating the Middle Eastern country. "Congress should set up ...

President asked to dismiss Gen. Mark Milley for alleged treason

U.S. 09/15/21, 17:11

Joe Biden should dismiss the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman for allegedly betraying America, a Republican from Florida said on Sept. 14. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is urging President Joe Biden to fire Gen. Mark Milley immediately after reports revealed that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “contemplated” to ...

Pentagon officials knew Kabul ‘mass casualty’ attack was coming

Middle East 09/01/21, 01:47

Senior military officers were briefed on an Afghan terrorist bomb attack hours before a suicide bomber detonated an explosive outside Hamid Karzai International Airport on Aug. 25. Kabul-based commandants phoned the Pentagon at 4:30 p.m. local time to warn the risk of attack is "highest" at Abbey Gate–where U.S. civilians waited ...

Defense secretary admits Taliban fighters beat US evacuees in Afghanistan

Middle East 08/22/21, 18:11

Joe Biden's top defense policymaker and adviser came clean about a militant group mistreating U.S. citizens who are trying to flee Afghanistan, on Aug. 20. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed Taliban fighters physically and verbally abused Americans for trying to evacuate Kabul. The military veteran criticized the behavior as inadmissible. "We are ...

Trump regrets he hired incompetent Gen. Mark Milley

Middle East 08/19/21, 16:48

Former President Donald Trump admitted that he was woefully wrong when he appointed "woke" Gen. Mark Milley to chair the White House Joint Chiefs of Staff. Speaking on Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly Reports on Wednesday, Aug. 18, Trump said that Milley exposed his "gross incompetence" under the Biden administration following the ...

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