US is facing ‘fiscal suicide’ at the hands of the Democratic Party, says Mark Levin

U.S. 03/27/21, 14:26

This week, investigative journalist Mark Levin launched strong criticism of the Democratic Party and specifically the Biden administration for implementing policies that will inevitably lead to a fiscal imbalance due to massive government spending that, he asserts, can only be offset by exponential tax increases.  Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion partisan ...

Thomas Sowell: Systemic racism has no meaning

U.S. 07/13/20, 13:17

Renowned economist Thomas Sowell spoke on the Life, Liberty & Levin program on Sunday, July 12, where he gave his views on various issues and said that the current demands of Black Lives Matter to defund the police, to take away their resources when crime skyrocketed, make no sense. Mark Levin ...

Mark Levin explains why Pelosi’s hold on impeachment articles will hurt Democrats

U.S. 12/20/19, 20:51

Constitutional lawyer and conservative commentator Mark Levin dubbed President Donald Trump’s impeachment by the House “null and void” and called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) out for attempting to “obstruct Senate’s power,” while raising the possibility for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to end impeachment. “Nancy Pelosi was apparently advised ...

Mark Levin: Whistleblower’s ‘rat nest’ is ‘in the National Security Council’

U.S. 11/06/19, 11:41

Conservative radio personality Mark Levin during a Thursday appearance on Fox News’s “Hannity” took a jab at Eric Ciaramella and decried the National Security Council (NSC), calling it a “rat’s nest.” Ciaramella, a White House official, is alleged to be the whistleblower behind President’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr ...

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