Beneath wholesome image, Doris Day was an actor of depth

Entertainment 05/13/19, 15:55

The very name "Doris Day," cheerful as a sunrise on a studio lot, was an invention. The beloved singer and actress, who died Monday at 97 , was a contemporary of Marilyn Monroe but seemed to exist in a lost and parallel world of sex-less sex comedies and the carefree ways ...

In end of 20th Century Fox, a new era dawns for Hollywood

Business 03/19/19, 16:05

The Fox Studio backlot, first built in 1926 on a Culver City ranch in Los Angeles, was enormous. Before much of it was sold off in the 1960s, it was four times the size of its current, and still huge, 53 acres. Shirley Temple's bungalow still sits on the lot, as ...

Michael Jackson wax statue removed by Danish mall

Entertainment 02/11/19, 11:31

Denmark's oldest shopping mall has removed a wax statue of Michael Jackson out of fears it could offend customers and may be vandalized because of accusations that the late pop star molested boys.Charlotte Andersen, marketing manager for the Roedovre Centrum mall in suburban Copenhagen, told Denmark's TV2 broadcaster that they ...

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