Washington legislature removed the word marijuana from state laws, citing racism

News 04/27/22, 02:21

After decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level on April 1, the Washington legislature on April 25 removed the word marijuana from state law and replaced it with Cannabis. Rep. Melanie Morgan (Parkland), who introduced the bill, said, "The term 'marijuana' itself is pejorative and racist,'" according to Fox News. Washington lawmakers recently ...

Amazon openly backs employee marijuana use and legalization of the drug

U.S. 06/03/21, 15:29

E-commerce and technology giant Amazon, as reported in an official statement, is supporting new federal legislation to legalize marijuana and has pledged not to test some of its workers for certain drugs. In a posting on its website Tuesday, June 1, addressed primarily to its employees, Amazon Consumer Chief Dave Clark ...

Capitol Watch: Lawmakers pivot to legal pot, rent rules

New York 04/06/19, 11:20

New York state lawmakers who delivered a budget on time this past week are turning their attention to thorny debates over legalizing recreational marijuana and renewing New York City's rent regulations.Both issues are complicated and figuring out the details is likely to dominate the remainder of the legislative session, scheduled ...

Mapping pot legalization politics: Not just red vs. blue

New York 03/26/19, 00:11

To anyone who figured the path of legalizing recreational marijuana use ran along blue state-red state lines, a sudden setback for pot advocates in New Jersey may show the issue isn't so black-and-white.Leaders in solidly-blue New Jersey are vowing it will still become the 11th state to legalize the drug. ...

Commission opposes marijuana legalization

U.S. 01/25/19, 16:51

A state commission created to reduce alcohol and drug problems in New Hampshire expressed opposition Friday to a bill to legalize recreational marijuana use. The Governor's Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs weighed in on a bill that would legalize marijuana use by those ages 21 and older and tax it ...

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