Capitol Police ordered not to adopt most aggressive riot response says report

D.C. 04/14/21, 02:05

Extreme protesters easily seized Capitol Hill because law enforcement officers were prohibited from using the necessary force to neutralize them, an independent investigator found. Michael A. Bolton delivered a scathing 104-page report on how police responded to the Capitol siege. The inspector general blamed top brass for allowing the situation to escalate ...

Democrats caught manipulating recording of President Trump at impeachment trial

D.C. 02/10/21, 02:20

A group of Democrats trying to convict the former president appeared to selectively edit his speech from the day of the alleged Capitol attack. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) and his Democrat impeachment managers have been caught manipulating Donald Trump's address to the March to Save America Rally in Washington’s Ellipse Park ...

Trump is ‘simply not guilty’ of inciting insurrection says GOP Sen. Tim Scott

D.C. 02/09/21, 02:29

Opinion A Republican from South Carolina that witnessed the Capitol siege unfold found no legitimate reason to hold the previous president responsible. Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) cannot see how anybody could possibly find former President Donald Trump guilty of ordering extreme protesters to storm the Capitol building on Jan. 6. "The president is ...

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