Democratic presidential candidate Biden caught repeatedly plagiarizing CCP Chairman Mao

U.S. 09/14/20, 04:35

The Democratic Party's nominee for president appears to have formed a habit of copying ideas from Chinese communist dictators. Joe Biden has been caught repeatedly plagiarizing historical speeches from CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Chairman Mao Zedong. Biden recently used a televised interview about his decision to nominate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as ...

Sen. Ben Sasse blasts Xi Jinping over title of people’s leader

World 12/31/19, 07:20

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) on Dec. 28 strongly criticized Chinese leader Xi Jinping after the communist leader was granted a new title of "people's leader," which echos the notorious dictator Mao Zedong. The Wall Street Journal on the same day reported that the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party had labeled ...

KFC dedicates China restaurant to memory of Communist hero

Business 03/05/19, 05:42

Fast-food chain KFC is memorializing a popular Chinese Communist hero with restaurant decor extolling his deeds, in a rare matching of an iconic American brand with Communist propaganda.The official Xinhua News Agency said the company launched its first "Lei Feng Spirit" restaurant in Lei's home province of Hunan on Tuesday, ...

Daughter of ex-Mao secretary boycotts Communist-led memorial

World 02/21/19, 00:10

The daughter of a Chinese Communist Party veteran boycotted his funeral Wednesday, calling it an improper tribute to a man who once worked for Mao Zedong but later became a fierce critic of the regime.Li Rui's memorial was held at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery, where many high-ranking former officials are ...

China’s space journey, to the moon’s far side and beyond

Science 01/04/19, 07:24

China has come a long way since the founding of its space program in 1956.Shortly after the former Soviet Union launched Sputnik, Chairman Mao Zedong declared that China too should have an artificial satellite to keep up with the great powers. Now, being recognized as a galactic pioneer is once ...

Poet fears for his people as China ‘Sinicizes’ religion

World 12/27/18, 20:17

Cui Haoxin is too young to remember the days of his people's oppression under Mao Zedong.The 39-year-old poet was born after the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, when the Hui — China's second-largest Muslim ethnic group — were among the masses tormented by the Red Guard.In the years since, the Hui ...

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