General strike slows commerce in Nicaragua

Business 05/23/19, 11:27

A general strike called by Nicaragua's opposition to demand the release of political prisoners is having mixed effects.Small businesses, some supermarkets and private schools were closed in the capital on Thursday. But pharmacies and gas stations were open. Traffic was lighter than usual, with many private vehicles off the roads, ...

Lawyer: 17 wounded in prison where US-Nicaraguan man killed

America 05/17/19, 17:51

Seventeen people who were arrested in previous anti-government protests were wounded in a prison disturbance in which a 57-year-old Nicaraguan-American dual national was shot dead, a lawyer for several inmates said Friday. Attorney Yonarqui Martínez also said three student protest leaders were among those hurt, and alleged that Eddy Montes Praslin ...

Nicaragua ‘marathon man’ protester defiant from house arrest

America 03/11/19, 11:05

Grasping the iron bars at his home, Alex Vanegas is taken back to the dark prison cells where he spent the previous four months talking to fellow inmates through holes in the walls that also let in rats, scorpions and cockroaches.During the unrest that rocked Nicaragua last year, Vanegas became ...

Nicaragua talks on crisis begin, dozens of prisoners freed

Business 02/27/19, 15:24

Representatives of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and the opposition sat down face-to-face in a restart of long-stalled talks on resolving the country's political crisis Wednesday, shortly after authorities released dozens of people arrested in last year's crackdown on anti-government protests.The meeting at a business institute south of the capital, Managua, ...

Fears rise in Nicaragua over new social security overhaul

Business 02/11/19, 13:02

Nicaraguans revolted last April when the government announced it was raising payroll taxes and cutting retirement benefits to bolster a social security program hemorrhaging money.The unrest led authorities to quickly withdraw the measure, but as the protests boiled for months and broadened into demands that President Daniel Ortega leave office, ...

Nicaragua’s Ortega pushes ahead with crackdowns on dissent

America 12/23/18, 00:02

In barely a week's time, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has cemented the authoritarian reputation of his government by shuttering the offices some of the few remaining resonant voices of dissent and expelling the international monitors documenting his government's alleged crimes.The heavy-handed raids on the country's most prominent nongovernmental organizations and ...

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