Over 170,000 fake N95 masks from China seized in Houston

U.S. 04/17/21, 22:39

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported on Thursday, April 15, it had intercepted a package of over 170,000 fake N95 masks from China, with an approximate retail value of nearly $350,000. The shipment of counterfeit 'made in China' masks was on its way to White Plains, New York, before being seized by ...

Icelandic knitters struggle to compete against cheaper Chinese imports

Europe 06/11/19, 12:25

For centuries, Icelanders have knitted with lopic wool—yarn from Iceland's 500,000 sheep. Icelanders are saying that the quality of the Icelandic woolen fleece is superior to regular wool. This is because their sheep have not been interbred and hence their wool has evolved to tolerate the unforgiving sub-arctic Icelandic climate. Now, concern ...

China says US envoys due in Beijing for talks on trade fight

World 01/04/19, 01:48

China's government says American envoys will visit Beijing on Monday for talks on resolving a tariff fight that threatens to hobble global economic growth. The two days of talks are aimed at carrying out last month's agreement by Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping to postpone new tariff hikes, the Ministry ...

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