At 1/100 million odds, a ‘blue’ lobster found in Maine

U.S. 11/15/21, 21:22

The lobsterman, Bill Coppersmith, caught this rare variety on Nov. 5 in Casco Bay. Lobsters with this type of colouring are more visible to predators, so, the fishing firm has opted to donate it to the Seacoast Science Center instead of releasing it. What exactly is a cotton candy lobster? Cotton candy ...

Maine’s lobster catch, value grew last year, officials say

Business 03/01/19, 09:47

Maine lobstermen brought more than 119 million pounds (54 million kilograms) of the state's signature seafood ashore last year, an increase that helped to propel the total value of Maine's seafood to the second-highest value on record, state officials said. The value of the 2018 lobster catch was more than $484 ...

PHOTOS: Lobster divers risk injury, death in Honduras

America 12/26/18, 00:00

Saul Ronaldo Atiliano was diving for lobster in the clear waters off Honduras' Caribbean coast when he felt a pressure, a pain in his body. And he knew he'd gotten the sickness that has killed or disabled so many of his Miskito comrades."The pressure attacked me deep in the water," ...

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