Progressive media tries to discredit Thanksgiving holiday

U.S. 11/25/21, 17:25

A tradition that celebrates a good harvest and the sacrifice of others somehow promotes genocide and white supremacy, left-leaning media outlets said. Multiple progressive media outlets have accused the popular Thanksgiving holiday of eradicating parts of the nation, and promoting white people as being superior to those belonging to other races. ...

New Meghan Daum essay collection coming in October

Entertainment 03/28/19, 16:04

The next essay collection from prize-winning writer Meghan Daum is coming this fall.Gallery Books announced Thursday that Daum's "The Problem With Everything: A Journey Through the Culture Wars" is scheduled for October. Daum said in a statement that she wanted to take on the "conflicted state of liberalism generally and ...

North Carolina university leaders depart amid culture war

U.S. 01/17/19, 17:18

A conservative education analyst says the resignations of the women heading North Carolina's public university system and its flagship university are part of the backlash of conservative Trump voters against culturally liberal academics who dominate universities. Jay Schalin of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal said Thursday that the ...

Iowa debut trip for potential 2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren

Politics 01/04/19, 14:25

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is making her first visit to Iowa as a likely presidential candidate, testing how her brand of fiery liberalism plays in the nation's premier caucus state. The visit was combining events at bars, community centers and theaters with more intimate gatherings in private homes. For ...

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