FBI seized Capitol constructed Lego set from alleged riot leader

D.C. 07/07/21, 22:32

Investigators seized a "completely completed U.S. Capitol Lego set" and a notebook containing instructions on how to form a "hometown militia" from Robert Morss, 27, court records published by The Smoking Gun revealed. Robert Morss is accused of leading rioters in one of the most intense and prolonged fights with police ...

Indoctrination of children: LEGO launches toys promoting LGBT culture

U.S. 05/24/21, 17:41

The renowned Danish toy company LEGO recently announced the upcoming launch of its "Everyone is Awesome" collection for children, in the allegory of "Gay Pride month." “We’re super excited to reveal our new set—LEGO Everyone is Awesome! Because we celebrate every LEGO builder,” the company announced on Twitter on Thursday morning. https://twitter.com/LEGO_Group/status/1395303326879735811 Six ...

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