President Trump signs new law making animal cruelty a federal crime

D.C. 11/26/19, 02:24

A new law passed by Congress and the president on Nov. 25, officially made torturing and injuring animals a federal crime. Donald Trump has signed the new Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act into law, which makes it a federal crime to inflict certain types of animal cruelty anywhere in ...

City of Denver fines company for refusing to remove homeless people’s poo

U.S. 11/14/19, 04:59

A Colorado internet service provider received at least one ticket for not cleaning up after homeless people who allegedly defecated on company property, on Nov. 8. The city of Denver has fined Forethought because the business owner stopped collecting poo left on the company's property at Five Points, about a mile ...

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