Doping in cards? Bridge ban fuels backlash to Olympic link

Sports 03/20/19, 02:25

When the top-ranked bridge player tested positive for a steroid that Lance Armstrong also used to cheat at the Tour de France, it was easy to snigger. Juicing in cards? Ha! But within the card game recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee, fans and players seethed.Whereas the ...

Former Armstrong team manager gets lifetime ban from cycling

Sports 10/24/18, 21:29

Lance Armstrong's former team manager has been given a lifetime ban from cycling for his role in a doping program that helped Armstrong win the Tour de France seven times.Johan Bruyneel had been serving a 10-year ban. In a letter posted on social media Wednesday, Bruyneel announced the Switzerland-based Court ...

Circling around: Floyd Landis starting own cycling team

Sports 10/05/18, 03:26

Floyd Landis is using money he earned by taking down Lance Armstrong to start his own cycling team.The man whose own doping saga cost him the 2006 Tour de France title and eventually helped expose Armstrong's cheating says he's building a developmental team for 2019 that will be based out ...

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