COVID-19 Poll: Most Americans believe in lab leak theory

News 12/04/21, 16:19

Most Americans now no longer think the COVID-19 pandemic is a natural disaster as claimed by the region where it first emerged, China, according to a new poll this week. When asked about the lab-leak theory and whether the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lied about the virus’ origin, 72% of the ...

Report: China prepared PCR tests kits months before pandemic emerged

China 10/09/21, 23:35

According to a report, the Chinese province where the virus emerged was already ordering testing kits months prior to an official acknowledgment of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The Australian-U.S. firm Internet 2.0 discovered that Hubei, the province with Wuhan as its capital, saw an overall increase in purchases for coronavirus testing equipment, or ...

WHO appoints new team to keep investigating COVID-19 origins

News 09/27/21, 20:33

An international public health agency refuses to give up searching for the pandemic's root cause. The World Health Organization (WHO) is recruiting a new research team to help find out how COVID-19 spread around the world. Twenty positions are vacant at the Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins of Novel Pathogens. They ...

Republican report on COVID-19 origin hints lab-leak possibility

News 08/02/21, 05:25

The probe led by GOP members into the Wuhan lab is suspecting that Wuhan experts may have genetically modified the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, backing the lab-leak theory. Republicans on the Foreign Affairs Committee alleged that they detected highly suspicious behavior with the Chinese government and the Wuhan Institute ...

GOP Rep. Clay Higgins contracts CCP Virus twice

News 07/26/21, 16:01

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) has tested positive for the deadly disease a second time. The congressman had believed his recovery from the first Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus infection gave him "natural immunity" but he and his immediate family members still fell ill again. "I have COVID (CCP Virus), Becca has COVID, ...

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