Hollywood seeks acceptance of pedophilia, actress Kirstie Alley warns

U.S. 07/03/21, 18:07

In a series of tweets that infuriated left-wing media and personalities, well-known conservative actress Kirstie Alley, shared her belief that America is on its way to accepting pedophilia and the major producers of audiovisual content are partly responsible for such delirium. “Was watching TV ...we’ve gone too far in my opinion. ...

Actress Kirstie Alley supports President Trump and criticizes CNN

U.S. 10/30/20, 20:52

The pro-Trump actress, Kirstie Alley, on Friday, Oct. 30 called out CNN on Twitter for its coverage of the CCP Virus, accusing the popular multimedia outlet of spreading terror. Some Hollywood stars attacked her because she supports President Trump for re-election. According to the declaration of the famous actress, when she ...

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