Woman stunned when cop pulls over to mow her grass

Inspired Stories 10/06/21, 02:17

A Pennsylvania woman witnessed a different side of the police when a cop pulled over to help after seeing she was struggling to mow her grass in the heat. When Sharon Markle of West York was mowing her yard, a cop rushed up to her. She was immediately terrified. Officer Bree Wilson ...

‘Heroic’ delivery man spots toddler on road, saves his life

Inspired Stories 09/12/21, 23:59

A southern Californian delivery man was commended for saving a toddler's life after rescuing him from a busy street at night. Gerson Tavares did not hesitate to stop work after seeing a toddler run in front of his vehicle along busy Burbank Boulevard, about 16 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Tavares ...

Man carves battle crosses to honor 13 dead soldiers in Afghanistan

Inspired Stories 09/07/21, 22:12

A New Hampshire artist hand-crafted several monuments to honor military personnel who recently died while evacuating U.S. troops and asylum seekers from Afghanistan. Wings Custom Carvings owner Stephen Wing wanted to find a way to help others remember the 13 soldiers who lost their lives in a terrorist attack at Hamid ...

Sweet surprise for a Boston UPS driver during pandemic

Inspired Stories 08/26/21, 04:21

A group of children and their parents from South Boston put together a wonderful gift for a UPS driver to thank him for his assistance during the pandemic. To honor UPS driver Kevin Lounsbury, the youngsters in the community dressed up like UPS workers. Even several of the neighborhood pets joined ...

Las Vegas nurse spends her days off pampering patients

Inspired Stories 08/16/21, 22:43

During her days off, an ER nurse in Las Vegas spends her spare time braiding and brushing patients' hair at the hospital. Brooke Johns had worked as an ER nurse at Southern Hills Hospital for two and a half years. And she is devoted to helping her patients, not only nursing ...

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