Oregon: Kindergartners indoctrinated in gender ideology with new curriculum

News 12/21/21, 16:15

Oregon will begin implementing its progressive agenda in Kindergarten. According to Breitbart, it now requires children to be imbued with gender ideology that includes developing "an understanding" of their own gender within what they call "ethnic studies."  The 2021 state social studies standards integrated with ethnic studies now include a civics ...

Mom sparks controversy over her 4-year-old’s lunchbox

News 06/23/21, 03:12

A mother has been reprimanded for sending her four-year-old daughter to school with a boiled egg in her lunch. People criticized the Australian mother for being "reckless" due to the allergy risk for other children after posting a photo of her child's lunch on Facebook. The mother was faced with scathing comments ...

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