Putin blocks Black Sea entrance as Biden decides on warships withdrawal

U.S. 04/16/21, 06:09

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kerch Strait bridging Crimea and Russia will not welcome international warships until next fall. His order came as President Biden is considering a plan of sending warships to the Black Sea to aid Ukraine amid growing tensions between the two neighboring nations.   On Thursday, the ...

UN court: Russia must free 3 detained Ukraine ships, sailors

Europe 05/25/19, 08:03

A U.N. maritime tribunal ruled Saturday that Russia must immediately release three Ukrainian naval vessels captured by Russia in November and also free the 24 sailors it detained.The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea issued its order at its Hamburg headquarters following a hearing earlier this month. Russia ...

UN court hears case of Ukraine sailors, ships held by Russia

Europe 05/10/19, 07:38

A U.N. court said Friday it will deliver a decision this month on Ukraine's demand for the release of 24 sailors and three naval vessels captured by Russia in November.The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea set a tentative date of May 25 for its verdict.The confrontation in ...

Putin visits Crimea to mark 5th anniversary of annexation

Europe 03/18/19, 06:56

Russian President Vladimir Putin is marking the fifth anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine by visiting the Black Sea peninsula.Putin on Monday attended the launch of new power plants in Crimea, part of Moscow's efforts to upgrade the region's infrastructure. Ukraine has cut off energy supplies to the ...

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