Trump ripped the Times again for its Kavanaugh article justification

U.S. 09/18/19, 04:19

President Trump on Tuesday, Sept. 17, blasted the New York Times again when its reporters blamed the editors for removing the key information from the article against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The president said in a tweet that it was not the editors but the Times itself that made the mistake.  "The New ...

Brett Kavanaugh releases first opinion as a Supreme Court Justice

Politics 01/08/19, 18:04

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh delivered his first opinion for the high court Tuesday in a case concerning the Federal Arbitration Act. The Supreme Court adopted a pro-arbitration bent in recent years. Arbitration is a dispute resolution process that takes place outside courts. Advocates of arbitration say it provides for the settlement ...

All 83 misconduct claims against Kavanaugh were dismissed

Politics 12/18/18, 21:00

Judges say complaints of misconduct, including accusations that Kavanaugh made false, unduly partisan and disrespectful statements to senators, must be dismissed because he has been confirmed to the Supreme Court and federal law governing judicial conduct applies only to lower court judges

6 Big Moments in Trump-Stahl Rumble on ‘60 Minutes’

Politics 10/16/18, 02:31

Much of Donald Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview Sunday consisted of responding to veteran CBS News reporter Lesley Stahl’s questions on what have been Democrats’ talking points for months. During one exchange, President Trump described to Stahl how the media treated his predecessor, President Barack Obama, much differently. “I disagree, but I don’t want to ...

Kavanaugh Sworn in As Supreme Court Justice

U.S. 10/07/18, 09:45

Narrow Republican majority in Senate nearly unanimously supported his appointment to become country's 114th Supreme Court justice while all but one Democratic lawmaker opposed his nomination

What the FBI report on Kavanaugh really tells us

Opinion 10/06/18, 04:06

The new FBI report on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh that was being reviewed by senators Thursday makes it clear that there is absolutely no reason to further delay the confirmation vote on his nomination. America would be well-served if the Senate seats this extraordinarily qualified judge on the nation’s ...

Kavanaugh sails through hearing despite Democrats’ criticism

U.S. 09/06/18, 21:14

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats hoping to block Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation pivoted Thursday to the deeply contentious issue of abortion after disclosure of an email he once wrote suggesting the high court's landmark Roe v. Wade ruling wasn't universally considered settled law. But their long-shot chances of defeating him ...

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