To glam or not to glam soon after giving birth?

Entertainment 03/26/19, 09:03

With another royal baby on the horizon, the debate over postpartum perfection is alive and well.We don't know whether Meghan Markle will follow Kate Middleton's example when it comes to that magically perfect appearance, but we have an inkling she'll at least slap on some makeup when she introduces the ...

Style, selfies and hamburgers: Karl Lagerfeld in quotes

Entertainment 02/19/19, 10:08

Couturier Karl Lagerfeld, who died Tuesday, was almost as famous for his biting and often controversial quips as he was for his fashion designs. Here are a few of his memorable quotes:ON STYLE: "If you come and ask me, 'I want to be chic,' There is little hope to become ...

Zimmermann had espionage in mind at NY Fashion Week

Entertainment 02/11/19, 17:52

Perhaps in another life, Nicky Zimmermann would have been a spy, an extremely chic one.The Australian fashion designer had espionage on her mind Monday at the New York Fashion Week show of her Zimmerman brand. She showed luxe trench coats made of buttery leather, hooded anoraks and bomber jackets in ...

French court upholds Kate Middleton topless photos fine

World 09/19/18, 11:46

PARIS (AP) — A French court of appeals has upheld a ruling Wednesday that two directors of French celebrity magazine Closer should be fined a maximum 45,000 euros ($52,500) for breaching the privacy of Kate Middleton, when publishing topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing back in 2012.

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