Marine jailed after resigning over Afghan evacuation debacle says report

Middle East 09/28/21, 00:57

A former field grade ranking officer is behind bars after openly expressing disappointment with his U.S. Marine Corps superiors. Task & Purpose confirmed Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Jr. is detained in a military prison for criticizing the Biden administration's tactless withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Scheller's family members are very concerned ...

Hundreds of Afghan allies secretly rescued by US special forces veterans

Middle East 08/28/21, 15:47

A group of U.S. veterans of the Afghan war has drawn admiration by voluntarily risking their lives on a night mission to rescue hundreds of Afghan allies threatened by the Taliban.  They were retired Green Beret veterans, former special operators, aid workers, and intelligence officers who created Task Force Pineapple, which ...

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